Terrateck Double-Wheel Gardening Hoe

Sale price£249.00


Two-wheel gardening hoe for amateur gardeners weeding in a vegetable garden.

Although it uses the same principle as the market gardening push-hoe, the gardening hoe has a more simple design

It can be used by amateur or professional gardeners to perform everyday maintenance tasks on their crops such as preparing the seedling, hoeing and ridging.

This versatile tool that can be used on all types of soil, can be fitted with the same tools as those used on the market gardening hoe, except for the secondary tool fitting – this makes it very good value for money.

The frame of the double-wheel gardening hoe is equivalent to the single-wheel gardening hoe fitted with the two-wheel kit.

The hoe is supplied without tools.



Length 1,450 mm
Width 280mm (axis to axis wheel)
Height min 700/max 900
Weight 7.3 Kg
Information Sold without tools

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