Fruit Juice & Cider Pouches (Pack of 10)

Size/Print: 3 Litre Brown & Green (pack of 10)
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£15.50


These pouches are an innovative packaging concept designed to extend the shelf life of liquids. You can store wine, cider, fruit juice and much more in them. We find that the attractive apple print design makes these the ideal container for homemade apple juice or cider.

The pouches have a high performance Viniflow tap for fast dispensing and a carry handle for easy transport. The tap is one way, meaning it prevents outside air from entering the pouch as liquid is dispensed, keeping your drinks fresh. These pouches are suitable for use in pasteurisers, so liquid can be packaged and then pasteurised directly in the pouch. You can expect pasteurised cider to keep for up to 12 months in these pouches.

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