ReAg Tools are taking over Blackberry Lane Tools

Over the last 18 years Dave and Val from Blackberry Lane Tools have become a known name in supplying market gardening tools for the UK market. They took on the onerous task of importing some of the tools we see abroad and making them available to us in the UK.

For a couple of years now they have been seeking someone to take over the business as they have earnt the right to focus on their market garden and other demands on their time. We are happy to announce that Dave & Val have now agreed that ReAg Tools will take over the complete tool range with immediate effect.

ReAg Tools is already up and running as a tools company based in Somerset run by Dave Maine. Dave is a keen market gardener himself and he has filled his own need for the tools we see in regenerative market gardening across the world, using his previous career in importing to bring them to the UK.

Along with the range transferred from Blackberry Lane, there is now an extensive range of growers tools on the website including:

  • Paper Pot Transplanters
  • Quick Cut Greens Harvester
  • Jang Seeders
  • Terrateck Tools
  • Wheel Hoes
  • Blackberry Lane Broadfork
  • Ladbrookes Soil Blockers
  • Ho-Mi Hand Tools
  • Neversink Tools
  • Winstrip Trays
  • The Iconoclast Tilther 
    • And so much more… 

With a lot of stock on it’s way to the UK from other providers too, the site will soon have even more options to make growers journeys much easier and more efficient.

ReAg Tools have commented: 

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave and Val for supplying these tools and for their support of the market gardening scene in the UK for the last 18 years. We are delighted to be able to take on their range and continue their great work in supporting the market gardening and regenerative agriculture space in the UK.”

Dave from Blackberry Lane commented: 

“We have now agreed with Dave Maine, of ReAg Tools in Somerset, that he will take on our complete range of tools with almost immediate effect. Dave is a keen market gardener himself, and already sells a selection of tools via his website. Interestingly, quite a number of these are tools which our customers have often asked us about in the past, so it makes a lot of sense to combine the two ranges.”

Find the complete range of tools now at, where a partnership with The Food Grower Academy see’s 5% of all full price purchases given back as tools to new growing and non-for-profit projects too.