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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
The BroadforkThe Broadfork
The Broadfork
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£179.00
Pair Of 1.5m Handles For The Broadfork
Pair Of 1.5m Handles For The Broadfork
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£35.00
Green Tools Tech Broadfork (Head Only)Green Tools Tech Broadfork (Head Only)
Green Tools Tech Broadfork (Head Only)
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£140.00
Pair Of 1.2m Handles for The Broadfork
Pair Of 1.2m Handles for The Broadfork
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£30.00
Pair Of 1.2m Handles for Green Tools Tech Broadfork
Green Tools Tech Trident (Lightweight Broadfork)Green Tools Tech Trident (Lightweight Broadfork)
Green Tools Tech Trident (Lightweight Broadfork)
Sale price (Excl.VAT)From £7.00
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Terrateck 6 Tooth Broadfork
Terrateck 6 Tooth Broadfork
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£105.00
Neversink BroadforkNeversink Broadfork
Neversink Broadfork
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£295.00
Terrateck Fixed Teeth Cracking BroadforkTerrateck Fixed Teeth Cracking Broadfork
Terrateck Fixed Teeth Cracking Broadfork
Sale price (Excl.VAT)From £275.00
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Regenerative Bed Prep Processes

In today's era of sustainable farming practices, regenerative agriculture has gained significant attention for its ability to restore and enhance soil health while promoting ecological balance. Bed preparation is a critical step in the vegetable growing process, and employing regenerative practices and regenerative tools can greatly contribute to the success of your garden / farm while aligning with the principles of regenerative agriculture.

By incorporating regenerative agriculture tools into bed preparation, you can optimiae the soil structure, foster nutrient-rich environments, and support beneficial microorganisms. These tools prioritise soil health by minimising soil disturbance and maximising organic matter retention. From no-till methods that minimise soil erosion to cover crops that provide natural fertilisation, regenerative agriculture tools offer a holistic approach to bed preparation that focuses on long-term sustainability.

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