To make sure that the Jang Seeder is as precise as it can be it has a larger amount of areas you can calibrate than some of the other seeders on the market. To understand how to fully calibrate your Jang Seeder and see our recommended roller setups for each direct seeded crop we recommend; check out our in-depth Jang Seeder Guide.


About Jang Seeder

The Jang Precision Seeders are great value for money for the professional or serious amateur gardener alike! No other manual single row seeder offers these unique features:

  • it weighs just 9 kilograms
  • 11 different spacing settings available
  • the seeding roll is anti-static
  • the seeds are protected by the use of a natural bristle brush
  • the unique transparent hopper is easier to clean and rust proof
  • the hopper permits the user to see the quantity of seed it contains at all times
  • it snaps on and off easily meaning there is no waste of left over seed
  • depth set by a simple bolt
  • many optional accessories make it suitable for a wide range of crops