Chicken Caravans

The Chicken Caravan is more than just a chicken shed – it revolutionises the way you collect eggs. In production since 2010, the Chicken Caravan comes in different sizes that cater from 10 to 600 laying hens. 

If you are looking for a large coop which is portable enabling you to easily fertilise different pastures, is easy to clean, and cuts your labor costs in free range egg farming, then the Chicken Caravan is for you.


About Chicken Caravan

Chicken Caravan was founded by Daniel OBrien. Daniel wanted to create sustainable farming systems to produce nutritious and sustainable organic produce. Daniel has a love for fitness, organic produce and great tasting food.

In August 2010, Daniel bought 2000 day old chicks to start a dream of having a free range egg farm. At the time he didn’t have any of his own moveable sheds, so Daniel with the help of a friend worked out a design criteria, and went to the drawing board. During this time he began looking for a partner with adequate organic pastures for a larger operation for their new business ‘Oxhill Organics’. They soon contacted Chris Eggert from Wauchope NSW, and after talking over the possibility to set up a certified organic free range egg farm, a partnership was formed. Since then it has been a journey of innovation and learning as they develop new ways of sustainable farming with a goal of producing a more nutritious and flavorsome organic egg. 

Daniel went on to build the first Chicken Caravan in December 2010.

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