5cm - 2inch Hemp Paperpot Chains

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Hemp Chainpot is a new type of paperpot made with hemp fibers.

As more and more consumers around the world are demanding safe, fresh produce in which they can feel confident, the number of Paperpot System users expressing an interest in environmentally-friendly product is also growing. As a result, the manufacturer of Paperpot has moved to develop a more eco-friendly chainpot using naturally sourced hemp fibers.

Hemp Chainpot is intended for use with seedlings transplanted within 30 days.


  1. This product is intended for use with seedlings transplanted within 30 days. Potting soil ingredients, fertility, water, temperature, seeding condition, etc. specific to the situation in which you use the Hemp Chainpot can affect the decomposition rate. If you want to try to use this product to grow seedlings longer than 30 days, please conduct a test to ensure the hemp paper remains strong enough for transplanting, given your specitic conditions.
  2. When transplanting, it is always necessary to use the "Ramp plate". Failure to do so may result in paper breakage.
  3. Remove the white Hemp Chainpot label before transplanting.
  4. Store the Hemp Chainpot in their original box and plastic liner to prevent them from becoming too dry. If the hemp paper is too dry, it will be difficult to expand the Hemp Chainpot, and the shape of the cells will be affected.
  5. Store in a cool, dry place and do not expose to direct sunshine before use.
  6. Water, humidity, or excessive heat can damage the product during storage.

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