Neversink Aquifer Farmer Centennial Irrigation Kit (No Pipe Supplied)

Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£199.00


The Aquifer Farmer Kit contain everything you will need to setup your irrigation EXCLUDING THE PIPE (25mm Poly Pipe).

Contains :

4 x Wobbler Sprinklers

4 x Stand Pipes

4 x Metal Ground Pegs + Fasteners ( 8 U-Bolts and 4 Backing Plates)

1 x Hose Connector

1 x Figure-8 closure

The Aquifer Farmer is simply the best working and easiest to install irrigation solution for small scale farms and gardens. Aquifers water evenly, deeply, and quickly. They are also very low maintenance and can be kept in place year round.

Since it is made of heavy duty bpa-free poly, it will last for many years.

This is not compatible with The Aquifer Gardener.


We don't currently sell the poly pipe ourselves but the perfect solution is available from Access Irrigation :

25mm Above Ground Supply Pipe | Buy Online from Access Irrigation (



Wobblers are the best sprinkler head available as they operate well in a large pressure range and water evenly every time with an adequate water source

Each sprinkler head (Senniger Xcel Wobbler with a gray #9 9/64" nozzle) specifications are as follows;

Pressure - Flow (gpm) - Diameter at 1.5 ft
10 psi - 1.815 - 44
15 psi - 2.2 - 47
20 psi - 2.54 - 50.5
25 psi - 2.84 - 52.5

Max Pressure is 85 psi though flow and spray diameter will cap at 2.8 gpm and 52 ft for each wobbler. No pressure regulator is needed. Expect to need 2.5gpm for each wobbler.

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