Bigfoot Accessory for Extractigator Tree & Shrub Pullers

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The Extractigator BigFoot is an accessory that increases the platform foot print of The Extractigator, assisting with increased leverage while resisting sinking into soil and adding stability. Its Aluminum construction allows for high strength yet is lightweight. It's the perfect solution for sandy, rocky, or super-soft soil conditions! The BigFoot accessory fits all the Extractigator models.


How is The Extractigator different from competitor devices?

The answer is in the design. Competitor models are designed in an "L" shape. The pivot (or fulcrum) is a fixed distance from the plant to be removed, and requires a large amount of operator effort at the start of the removal – at an uncomfortable vertical level requiring much physical strength.

The design of the Extractigator is one which has a variable pivot distance, allowing the operator maximum force applied to the plant at the beginning of the pull (when it is needed the most) with the lowest amount of operator effort. The handle is in a position which allows the operator to use body weight as the advantage – not physical strength. As the plant is removed, the pulling distance is increased.



Width - 24cm / 9.5 inches
Length - 28cm / 11 inches
Weight - 0.63kg / 1.4 LBS
Footprint - 674 sq cm / 104.5

 Aircraft Grade Aluminium, Stainless Steel Fasteners

High visibility safety orange tough powder coated surface

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