Jang JP-3 Precision Small Grain Seeder 5 Row

Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£1,695.00


The JP-3   5 Row Seeder is the same frame as the JP-3 2 to 4 Row Seeder  but the rows are fitted with a narrow soil openers to allow you to get 5 of them in.
This allows you to plant up to 5 Rows in a 30 cm width.
Particularly useful for baby leaf and baby vegetable production  

However  the small space between the rows means that it does not work well in rocky or heavy soil or in soil with any remaining plant residue.  A clean, fine,  tilth is required for this machine to work effectively  

You will need to purchase the appropriate seed rollers separately

Instruction Leaflet Here: https://reagtools.co.uk/blogs/instructions/jang-jp-03-and-jp-06-instruction-booklet 


For a guide on how to use the Jang Seeder and which rollers to use click here.

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