Terrateck Fixed Teeth Cracking Broadfork

Size: 50cm / 5 Holes
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£275.00


The campagnole is a tool for tilling the soil for market gardeners. It is an articulated spade fork for loosening the soil and breaking up the clods of earth.

This is a special order item which we will deliver to you directly from Terrateck which means lead times are longer than normal.

The user first drives the teeth of the "classic" grelinette into the ground. Then, as the handle moves backwards, the earth breaks up on the reverse-tines. This operation refines the tilling at ground level without dispersing the soil outside the crop strip.

The Terrateck Campagnole has added a double row of tines of variable length to the original version. This improvement makes the tool penetrate into the soil more easily and splits the clods over the entire working depth of the tine.



Teeth : Hardened Steel
Tine Depth : 24cm
Tine Spacing : 10cm

Handle Size : 120cm


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