Futurepump Sprinkler

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This sprinkler offers maximum efficiency for your garden, allotment or farm. Their rotating heads ensure even water coverage, and the low-pressure operation reduces water waste. High-quality materials make these sprinklers long-lasting and reliable with a quick and easy set up.

Designed to gently ‘rain’ down on your crops, these sprinklers are an ideal way to get water to your crops without damage to seedlings or young leaves.


  • Rotating sprinkler head with upstands and tee-piece
  • Wetted area: 3-4m radius per sprinkler when using 2 sprinklers. Adding more sprinklers will reduce the wetted radius per sprinkler due to pressure.
  • Sprinkler head can be attached directly to tee-piece or with 1 or 2 pipes depending on desired height

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