Giant Easy Net Tunnel

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Easy Net Tunnels provide shading from strong sunlight and protection from insects, birds and other pests. They also reduce the risk of drought by conserving moisture.

Quite simply, Easy Net Tunnels are the most efficient form of plant protection available today. What makes them so easy to use is that the hoops are part of the tunnel so you don't have to wrestle with fitting a cover onto a frame.   The design also makes them super easy to store - fold them down and place them back in the original packaging before hanging them back in the shed. 

A drawstring allows gardeners to control ventilation in the tunnel by closing the ends, this also allows the full extent of the tunnel to be used, giving greater value for money.

Giant Easy Tunnels are a large Easy Tunnel ideal for taller plants or to cover a double row.

Ideal for summer crops such as Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Onion and Strawberry.

Giant Size - Length 3m x Height 45cm x Width 60cm

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