Growers & Co. Broadfork

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    Lightweight, yet sturdy, the Growers & Co. Broadfork is the perfect tool for ecological farmers and gardeners wanting to aerate and loosen the soil without relying on rototillers.

    The broadfork's parabolic curve makes it ergonomically friendly, while its reinforced 12’’ tines allow you to deeply penetrate the soil for optimal aeration. Crafted for efficient work on a small-scale farm or home garden.

    • Effective for 30’’ (75cm) beds
    • 5 curved 12” (30cm) tines made of galvanised steel
    • Solid ash handles, replaceable
    • Designed and made in Canada
    • 48’’ (121cm) tall x 24’’ (60cm) wide
    • Weight: 13.2 lbs. (5.99 kg)
    • Assembly required

    Discover how to use this tool right here!

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