Hobby Fruit Crusher

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A fruit crusher from our entry level hobby range. All our hobby equipment was designed with a simple goal in mind; to lower the barrier of entry for cider making to make it affordable and accessible for anybody. High quality equipment shouldn't have to cost a fortune and the hobby range is built to the same exacting Vigo standards, with many of the same or similar components, at a much more affordable price.

  • Simple operation via crank handle. Just load the hopper with fruit, turn the crank and watch as the crusher quickly reduces the fruit to pulp that's the perfect consistency for pressing.
  • Robust, welded steel frame that fits directly over a bucket or even the cage of your press for fast, efficient crushing and less mess.
  • Food grade stainless steel hopper which will hold up to 7kg of fruit at once.
  • Mostly ready assembled - just handle requires attaching (using Allen key, supplied)

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