Jang JD-1 Large Grain Seeder (Special Order Only)

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Sale price (Excl.VAT)£740.00


A great addition to the market farm, this premium seeder makes quick work of sowing larger-size seed. The Jang JD-1 Series uses seed plates. Standard or customisable plates are available and sold separately

• Virtually eliminates seed waste and the need for thinning, saving you money and labour
• Better germination rates as a result of improved seed-to-soil contact
• Accurate seeding in a variety of soil conditions
• In-row spacing ranges up to 213cm (depending on choice of seed plate and gear settings)

• Interchangeable gears allow you to easily adjust seeding density in-row
• Transparent large-capacity hopper (5.6 Litre) allows you to monitor seed level and prevents large seeds from “bridging” while they feed
• Double Disc Opener (included) cuts a path for seeds to drop and is adjustable for proper depth control
• Handle can be adjusted for height and/or offset for footpath operation
• Foam-covered drive wheel provides good traction while rear press wheel covers the seed
• Includes a set of six sprockets for adjusting in-row spacing: #9, #10, #13, #14, and (2) #11
• Additional accessories available

• A well-prepared seedbed is recommended for use
• Seed plate is required for use and sold separately

Please note that this item is only available by special request. We highly recommend contacting us prior to placing your order to confirm lead time.


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