Jang JDT Tractor Mounted Large Grain Seeder (Special Order Only)

Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£1,100.00


The JDT is a large grain seeder designed by hands on specialised field engineers for from two to eight rows per bed. Created for market gardeners with 5 ha and more of beans, peas or sweet corn to sow in a day.

The JDT range is great value for money, and offers these unique features:

  • Light weight and yet robust;
  • The seeds are protected by the use of soft, flexible fiber for the brush used to dose the seeds taken up by the seeding disk;
  • The unique transparent hopper is easier to clean and rust proof;
  • The hopper permits the user to see the quantity of seed it contains at all times - no running out of seed in the middle of a row;
  • It snaps on and off easily meaning there is no waste of left over seed - take it off and pour surplus seed back into the bag;
  • The distance betweens seeds has 11 different values possible thanks t the 6 sprockets provided as standard equipment;
  • Depth set by a simple bolt on the plow assembly;
  • Add the fertilizer distribution hopper for an all in one planting solution.

Please note that this item is only available by special request. We highly recommend contacting us prior to placing your order to confirm lead time.

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