Jang JP-3 Precision Small Grain Seeder 2 to 4 Row

Rows: 2 Rows
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£960.00


 The JP-3  is available to purchase with between 2 and 4 rows  

Extra Rows are also available for purchase  

The JP-3 shares all the features of the JP-1 and is ideal for the professional organic vegetable producers with between  0.2 ha to 2 ha to sow in a day.

It can of course be used to sow flowers and used in other landscape gardening projects.

Using the JP-3 as a two row seeder gives complete control over row spacing - the hopper assemblies slide apart to the required distance. If your sowing plot is large the JP-6 used as a three row seeder may be a better choice.

You will need to purchase the appropriate seed rollers  separately

Instruction Leaflet Here: https://reagtools.co.uk/blogs/instructions/jang-jp-03-and-jp-06-instruction-booklet 


For a guide on how to use the Jang Seeder and which rollers to use click here.

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