Jang JTS Tractor Mounted Small Grain Feeder (Special order only)

Number of rows: 3
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£1,795.00


The JTS is a six to twelve row, tractor mounted, seeder with a solid metal roller. Planting depth is set by turning a knob on each side of the seeder.

The JTS range is perfect for any field use with over 5 ha to be planted in a day.

3, 6 and 12 rows standard versions

Range Number of rows Width of planting bed Minimal row spacing
JTS 300 3 30 cm 4,5 cm
With optional
double row
seed guide
7,5 cm
With standard
seed guide
JTS 600 6 60 cm
JTS 1200 12 120 cm



A reminder of the unique features common to the small grain seeder range:

  • the seeding rolls are anti-static;
  • easy planting depth setting - the depth of all the planting units is set by a handy knob on the side of the machine;
  • the seeds are protected by the use of natural bristle for the brush used to dose the seeds taken up by the seeding roll;
  • the unique transparent hoppers are easier to clean and rust proof;
  • its handy hopper cover is used to select the right seeding roll depending on seed diameter;
  • the hoppers permit the user to see the quantity of seed they contain at all times - no running out of seed in the middle of a row;
  • they snap on and off easily meaning there is no waste of left over seed - take them off and pour surplus seed back into the bag;
  • depth set by a simple bolt on the plow assembly;
  • many optional accessories make it suitable for a wide range of crops.


To find the roll best suited for your seeds, you can use the hopper lid.

You have found the correct size when the desired number of seeds fit in a hole, and when passing a finger over the seeds they do not pop out.

  • When the brush needs to be raised to let the seeds pass. That is to say, when the seeds are too big for the roll (they stick out a little).
  • If planting in bunches.
  • When doing spread planting, in this case, using a soil opener is recommended (the 60mm soil opener should be fine).

In general, the roll is well suited for planting the chosen seed when the roll does not select more than a seed at a time (or maybe 2 for carrots), and when the brush touches the roller without touching the seed that is in the hole.

For seeding in bunches, the roller is suitable if it selects the desired number of seeds without being hindered by the brush (which can be raised, in this case one should remove the guide plate).

Please note that these are special order items, and that you should contact us in advance for an up to date lead time.

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