LowCat™ Tunnel Kit (Low Caterpillar Tunnel Kit) - 11 Hoop Kit

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The LowCat™ are premium heavy duty low tunnel hoops for getting an early start in the field or providing extra protection while winter growing inside a hoop house. Crop protection for a fraction of the price of high tunnels. Quick and easy setup. Extremely easy to move and store multiple times per season.

Shock cord holds covering up to allow for venting and harvesting.

Recommended spacing of hoops is 1.5m to 3m.

This 11 Hoop Kit consists of Carry Bag, Cover Stakes, Uprights, Top Bar, and Shock Cord.

Row cover, poly, shade cloth, or insect netting is all that is needed to complete the tunnel, BUT IS NOT INCLUDED!

Ideally suited to beds 65 cm to 85 cm wide.

    Heavy Duty

    Professional Quality

    Uprights are made of high carbon thick spring steel with zinc coating. Arches are Stainless Steel for a lifetime of use without rust.

    Regular hoops are 69cm (27”) High, great for use with a variety of crops.

    Designed for the High Production Market Farm


    Works with all Coverings

    Tunnel can be covered with

    • Clear poly
    • Insect netting
    • Shade Cloth
    • Row cover
    • Coverings can be combined and layered.

    Advantages of The LowCat System

    The LowCat's unique design makes it easy to move around the farm and extremely fast to setup.

    There are no bulky and awkward hoops to carry around.

    It is self tightening so coverings stays taut making for a better look and better protection from the wind. 

    The Arch is stainless steel which will not rust.

    Many coverings can be layered and combined.

    Using a riser, The LowCat height can be extended for taller crops.

    Rust Free

    Stainless Arch

    The Arch of any field tunnel is exposed to wear and the elements. The LowCat is the only one made of stainless steel.


    Coverings Stay Tight

    Wind resistance is directly related to the tightness of the covering.

    Other low tunnels require regular stretching of covering from the ends which is difficult and inconvenient.

    The unique feature of the LowCats Shock Cord means that the covering stays tight without intervention.

    This results in a better look, easier setup, and much improved wind resistance.

    More Information

    LowCat Videos

    For more about installing and using LowCat tunnels check out the Neversink YouTube LowCat playlist.

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