Terrateck Manual Seeder for Cell Planter Trays

Style: T8 (128 to 220 cells)
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£170.00


Quickly sow your seeds in plate seeders with cells for 128 to 448 pots.

Your sowing of cell plugs flats has never been easier than with the T8 manual seeder. Quick, efficient and precise, you carry out your seeding operations by simply sliding the seeder on each row of cells of your trays. Bucket after bucket, this seeder distributes precisely one seed after another.

This manual seeder ensures a rotary distribution of one seed at a time by cell (or bucket). It comes with 4 different discs to adapt to the size of the seed.

It is important to specify that the seeds must be coated / pellet (round) in order to have optimal operation of the seeder.

Weight (g) 176
Discs provided XS,S,L,XL
Antistatic Yes

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