Manual Tine Harrow Hoe

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The tine harrow for weeding at the filament/cotyledon stage on young seedlings.

This is a special order item which we will deliver to you directly from Terrateck which means lead times are longer than normal.

Product Details:

The tine harrow is used to weed at the filament/cotyledon stage on young seedlings. This equipment can also be used with false seedbed techniques on a width of 80 cm. Unlike a thermal weeder, the tine harrow does not have a germinating effect by causing a thermal shock. This equipment is also used by businesses in the park and recreation space sectors for flattening and weeding gravelled areas.

Fitted with 2 inflated wheels at the front, it will make your work much more stable.

Mounted with 36 springs (provided), option to adjust the angle according to the working depth.


Length: 1,470mm
Width: 790mm (tine harrow)
Height: min 800mm/max 1,100mm
Weight: 25kg

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