Terrateck Plastic Mulch Hole Burner

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Hole burner for plastic or woven mulch.

The Access - BA burner is a thermal weeder for weeding a limited area using fire. When combined with the Thermoperfo - TP, this blow torch can be converted into a plastic or woven mulch hole burner. The Thermoperfo - TP base, on which various types of cups (sold separately) are retained with a spring-loaded screw, is fastened to the head of the blow torch.

It will burn a hole in your woven or plastic mulch with a very simple process. On a woven mulch, regardless of the thickness, the Thermoperfo makes a quick clear-cut hole, that heat-bonds the plastic during the process.

You could use the Thermoperfo in all weathers, as it is unaffected by climatic conditions! It is supplied by a gas tank and the usage will depend on the weather and the cup diameter used. The 600 mL gas tanks, available in DIY superstores, will give you with between 1/2 hours and 3 hours of usage. 

Various Cups available to buy here

No Cups or Gas supplied with product

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