Terrateck Preci-Discs for Double Wheel Hoe

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If your weeding has to be precise at a distance of less than 4 centimetres from young seedlings, the preci-discs are the ideal solution!

We designed this tool for hoeing around young carrot seedlings 3 weeks after sowing.

The two discs, in addition to the beetroot covering blades, are designed to:

  • Reduce the scattering of soil on the row.
  • Improve and facilitate the guiding of the two-wheel hoe.

  • Manage the working depth with the 3 available positions.
  • Make a clean cut along the strip of earth where the young sprouts are growing.

NB: beyond 5 centimetres of growth, the preci-discs will tend to cut some of the crop's leaves, in which case it is preferable to use the Terrateck Lelievre blades.

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