Preva Bed Prep Rake

Size: 54.5cm
Style: With Handle
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£44.00


Three different sizes of a quality rake, made from strong and light aluminium alloy and will give years of service.

An extra handy feature is that the angle of the rake to the handle can be easily adjusted with just two bolts. You can alter the angle to suit different tasks and different heights of users.

These rakes are useful for seedbed preparation, general levelling and light surface aeration of soil.

The 74cm and 96cm versions can also be used for row marking by fitting  Row Marker Tubes  (These tubes are not suitable for the 54.5cm version).

Technical Data:

 Width 96cm 74cm 54.5cm
No. of Teeth 26 20 18
Tooth Length 13cm 10cm 7cm
Spacing 3.8cm 3.8cm 3.1cm
Weight of Head 0.80kg 0.68kg 0.48kg


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