Neversink Rebellion Multi-Head Toolbar

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The Rebellion is a ground breaking tool that takes the Mutineer Hoe to a whole new level. You can now cultivate multiple rows of crops simultaneously.
This tool, created by Conor Crickmore, makes some of the function of the wheel hoe obsolete. Even surpassing the wheel hoe in the amount of rows one can simultaneously cultivate while adding the ability to also cultivate across the bed, side to side.

Made from mostly aluminum to be ultra-light  and weighs only about 140 grams  

Works with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 rows of crops on a bed. Tool bar is 27 cm wide. I advise pairing the Rebellion with the Rebellion Head Kits as no heads are included with The Rebellion nor is the Mutineer Hoe.

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