Replacements Blades For Quick Cut Babyleaf Harvester

Style: Replacement Blade x1
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£30.00


Replacement Blades for The Quick Cut Harvester.

Through Terrateck we are now able to distribute the Farmers Friend Quick Cut Greens Harvester.

Powered by a cordless drill/screwdriver, this harvester uses a serrated blade to make a clean and precise cut of the harvested crop. This will give you the clean crop you need for a potential second cut. The pick-up reel made of macramé braided strings draws the cut leaves towards the basket located at the rear of the harvester. This harvester has a universal holder for most drill/screwdrivers.

We recommend using  machines with a minimum voltage of 18V in order to deliver adequate power and battery life. This device will improve your everyday productivity for harvesting babyleaf salads. With a throughput of 80kg/hour, this harvester makes a significant difference when compared to using a simple knife. The blade can be easily removed for sharpening, using the pin mechanism.



"The Quick Cut Greens Harvester is a sound investment for market gardeners. It shaved four hours per week from our workload, and made our work easier to do. I highly recommend it. " Ben Hartman Clay Bottom Farm

"The Quick Cut Greens Harvester makes harvesting salad faster and more efficient. The cut is neat and clean, even more so than when using knives. In our market garden, we harvest 200 pounds of salad per week, which takes three people about two hours. With this new tool, one person does the job in less than 45 minutes! It's a major aid in our (too) busy harvest day." J.M Fortier "Les Jardins De La Grelinette

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