Terrateck PL1 Jab Planter

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The PL1 Jab Planter is a manual tool used to sow large seeds (beans, peas, corn, etc.) in rows or in bunches on plastic mulch films or in the earth. Designed to make the operator's work easier, this device is used to sow seeds manually, while standing in a natural position.

When sowing on mulch, the zinc-plated steel cutting edge of the planter makes a clean cut in the film and drops the seeds.

The mouth is opened using a spring-mounted handle that releases the seeds.

The planter is just as effective if your seeds need to be sown at a greater depth, because it has an adjustable depth gauge. An adjustable guide can be fitted to the PL1 jab planter in order to sow the seeds at a regular distance from each other.

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