Glaser Multi Head Weeder

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Sets or Head Choice: Wire Weeder 2.5cm (b)
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This Weeder needs a wooden handle that can be purchased from us here or you can locate one locally.

Which of us can honestly say that we haven't wasted time going back and forth from the tool shed as we have forgotten tools? The simple idea behind the Glaser Multi-Head Weeder is to have a single holder which is permanently attached to its wooden handle, with several different weeding heads that can be easily clipped to your belt with a carabiner.

When you need to change the weeding head you simply loosed the wing nut and bolt, detach the hit and fit the next one you need. Time simple connection system gives you fast interchangeability and a really robust joint so that you can work with confidence.

All wire weeders, collinear hoes and torsion weeders in this range are designed for weeding early small seedling weeds, not more established weeds.

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