Terrateck Tine Harrow

Size: 30cm
Sale price£99.00


The purpose of the tine harrow is to pull out weeds that are at the plantlet phase. This is a tried-and-tested method and is commonly used on large crops.

Terrateck has therefore worked on the principle in order to create a very effective manual tool.


Size  (cm)

15 30 60 75 120

Number of Springs

7 13 27 34 55

Weight (Kg)

1,4 2 3,4 4,5 5


This tine harrow is very popular thanks to its incredible capacity to adapt to different crop configurations, given the range of widths available and the option to adjust the position of the user when working.

The double row of spikes increases the surface in contact with the soil using springs, which produces the best possible results.



Reference             T000132-T000136
Offset option        Yes
Warranty               1 year
Handle included   No


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