Neversink Torsion Hoe

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Torsion hoe head for the Mutineer which is sold separately here

The Torsion hoe was developed by Conor Crickmore. It is the best tool for cultivating both sides of tight plantings simultaneously. Widely use on tractors, this hoe is now available for the small scale farm.

The Torsion Hoe comes in two sizes;

Small diameter wire with a 4" height clearance and a 1" base clearance.
Large diameter wire with a 6" height clearance and a 2" base clearance.
The Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe System*, enables you to use one handle for all of your cultivating needs. The Mutineer hoe was developed by Conor Crickmore. You need only one handle per person and you can carry multiple heads with you into the field or garden. This is the last hoe you'll ever need. 

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