Give The Gift of Growing This Festive Season

As the festive season approaches, our minds naturally turn to the cherished tradition of gift-giving. In a world often overwhelmed by the allure of the latest gadgets and fleeting trends, there's a timeless and profoundly meaningful alternative that transcends the boundaries of material possessions: the gift of growing. 

We believe that this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to offer something truly special—something that not only brings joy to the recipient but also nurtures a deeper connection to the environment and the simple pleasures of life. 

Join us on a journey as we explore the profound significance behind the act of giving the gift of growing, why it matters more now than ever, and how it can become a transformative force for both individuals and the planet. From cultivating sustainable practices to fostering a sense of self-sufficiency, we invite you to discover the magic that unfolds when we choose to give the gift of growth and nourishment. This festive season, let's embrace the spirit of giving in a way that leaves a lasting impact—one that blossoms and thrives, just like the gifts we sow.

Why Giving the Gift of Growing is Important:

The act of giving the gift of growing holds a profound significance in our increasingly fast-paced and interconnected world. Beyond the fleeting excitement of unwrapping presents, this gesture embodies a commitment to sustainability and self-reliance. In a time where our planet faces environmental challenges, empowering individuals to cultivate their own food promotes a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between humanity and the Earth. 

The gift of growing transcends a mere material exchange; it becomes a catalyst for fostering resilience, environmental consciousness, and a genuine connection to the natural world. By offering the tools and resources for someone to cultivate their own nourishment, we encourage a shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

It's an invitation to participate actively in the lifecycle of our sustenance, fostering a sense of accomplishment and a connection to the source of our food. As we navigate a world of increasing complexity, the gift of growing becomes a tangible expression of care, not just for the recipient but for the planet we all call home. 

It's a simple yet impactful way to contribute to a more sustainable and fulfilling existence, fostering a sense of responsibility and connection that extends far beyond the holiday season.

So What Should I Buy The Grower In My Life?

We have pulled together our list of our 5 Top Gifts for Food Growers, Gardeners and Farmers alike:

1.) The Hori Hori Knife

A Hori Hori knife, also known as a "soil knife" or "weeding knife," is a versatile and multipurpose gardening tool that originated in Japan. It has a long, sharp, double-edged blade with a semi-sharp point and this one is made of high-quality stainless steel, with one side serrated. It is the ultimate food growing hand tool and whatever lucky person you buy this for  won't know how you survived without one.

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2.) The Gift of Growing Knowledge - Market Gardening Books

This time of year it might well be more enjoyable to curl up on the sofa in front of the fire rather than do those outside garden jobs. Why not do that guilt free by curling up with a book that expands your knowledge on growing. We have a fantastic range of market gardening and food growing books by the experts in the field.

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3.) Mushroom Grow Kit

Bring your growing indoors with a super rewarding mushroom grow kit. These kits are the perfect present, and whoever gets growing mushrooms will become addicted. After a period of incubating in the dark, once these mushrooms get going you can see progress every few hours, which is super exciting. Plus the results are delicious too.

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4.) Indoor Growing Light Kit

Speaking of indoor growing, if you or the food grower in your life isn’t ready for the season to end then why not bring plants into your kitchen with this stunning light grow kit. Full spectrum grow lights replicate natural sunlight for year round growing. Perfect for growing salads and herbs or for early season seed starting. The kits look great in either white or black and would suit any house.

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5.) The Ho-Mi

The Ho-Mi is the standard hand tool for the Korean farmer and is incredibly versatile. It can be used for almost every job you do with your hands when growing.

From weeding, to breaking soil, and thinning seedlings to transplanting bulbs. You can replace a whole range of hand tools with just the one Ho-Mi.

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6.) A Mini-Wini Tray Set

Have you ever pulled a plug plant out to find that all the roots have wrapped around in a circle and the plant is getting weaker… These Mini versions of the amazing Winstrip Trays prevent this from happening with the design of the tray, soil blockers are obsolete. Your plug plants will be stronger and healthier… Grab a couple of mini-wini trays and a large bottom tray to use them like a modular system and raise different plants ready for the new growing season.

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7.) Secateurs or Pruning Tools

Some people might think that this is a boring gift… but let’s be honest they are some of the most used tools in a garden, and how often are we complaining that the old secateurs are rusty… or the spring has gone… or they just aren’t sharp enough.

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8.) Boots, Hats & Outdoor Clothing

We have a fully tried and tested range of growers boots, waterproof and sun hats, plus the best waterproof clothing designed and tested for market gardeners. Even if you are just a home gardener, this stuff is the best on the market so why get cold and muddy when you don’t need to?!

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9.) Weed Free Beds..

If you know and love a grower.. You will likely know that they hate weeding.. It is a bug bare and time suck… What better gift then, than the gift of weed free beds with the very best in the weed hoe kit systems… A neversink hoe kit, that takes preventative weeding to the next level. Quickly wire hoe beds for short periods regularly and avoid hours on hands and knees hand weeding.

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10.) Gift Cards - On Offer Now

We know that the "Gift of Growing" is a really special gift to give, especially in the winter months. It shows hope for the season ahead and a commitment to growing your own nutrition in the year ahead.

We also know that this year has been a tight one for many people and so this Christmas we are giving an extra 10% on all of our gift cards.

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We hope you can find something that is the perfect gift, you can see our full gift range here: 

Have a fantastic festive season, however you want to spend it!