The Original Hori Hori Knife / Trowel

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This is the original Hori Hori Knife / Trowel from Japan, with a synthetic leather sheath. 

A Hori Hori knife, also known as a "soil knife" or "weeding knife," is a versatile and multipurpose gardening tool that originated in Japan. It has a long, sharp, double-edged blade with a semi-sharp point and this one is made of high-quality stainless steel, with one side serrated. It is the ultimate food growing hand tool and you won't know how you survived without one.

Full length of blade: 170mm
Weight (knife): 250g
Weight (including sheath): 300g
Size (knife): 340x45x19mm
Size (including sheath): 350x45x35mm
Material Blade material: Stainless steel 420J2
Handle Material: Natural wood (clear)
Sheath: Synthetic leather

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