Cyber Clydesdale

The Cyber Clydesdale is a fully electric 2 wheel tractor designed specially for small scale farmers to help in everyday chores around the farm. It is lightweight, compact in size and unique in its kind! From the brilliant team at Curly's Ag and Machiner-E comes this newly innovative technology that replaces old petrol and diesel tools on your market garden, and replaces them with a fully rechargeable or even solar powered electric two wheel tractor with fantastic power and long operating hours.

Machiner-E are committed to pushing the boundaries of electric machinery manufacturing. Their latest innovation, the Cyber Clydsdale, is a game changer in the industry. With a 6kw drive and 3kw  Interchangeable battery, this machine is built to bring power and efficiency to your operations. We are excited to put this cutting-edge technology into the hands of people ready to revolutionise their processes.

Cyber Clydsdale X2: Fully Electric Two Wheel Tractor

The Cyber Clydesdale can be used as a two wheel stand behind tractor with a whole host of attachments including: flail mowers, power harrows, mower deck, compost spreading tipping trailer, Ellia shallow rotary hoe, tools bars with weeding tools, and so much more. You can add a trailer to the machine to create a sitting position so that you can use all of these tools whilst sitting down too.

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Cyber Clydesdale Controller

To use powered implements you will need The Cyber Clydesdale Controller. You can select 1 controller for the use of just 1 powered implement, or buy 2 controllers to use 2 powered implements at a time.

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Powered Implements

The Cyber Clydesdale Two Wheel Tractor has a fantastic range of powered implements for market gardeners and growers. You will need a controller to add to your Cyber Clydesdale in order to run a powered implement. And you can have two controllers to run two powered implements at the same time. Have a look at the powered implements below:

Non-Powered Implements & Accessories

The Cyber Clydesdale Two Wheel Tractor has a range of non-powered implements and additional accessories to tailor it specifically to your needs. From axle wheel extensions, through to an invertor that allows you to run other powered farm tools from your two wheel tractor, or even a solar charging roof. See the available accessories below and click them for more details:

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The Cyber Clydsdale model is a perfect example of how Machiner-E strive to provide our customers with the latest technologies. They've designed the machine with ergonomics in mind, to make the work easier and more comfortable than ever before. The intuitive control setup allows you to get the machine up and running in no time, making your work days more productive and efficient.

Pre-order for delivery around July 2024

Pricing is approximate  and subject to change.
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Introducing the Cyber Clydesdale Electric Two Wheel Tractor