The CoolBot works with your air conditioner to turn any well-insulated room into cool storage. The CoolBot Controller is easy to install on a digital air conditioner to reduce the room's temperature. The temperature can drop as low as 1 degrees celsius in less than 6 hours. For a room to qualify as well-insulated, it must have at least R25 insulation in all four walls, the ceiling and the floor. This type of storage is recommended for farmers, florists, restaurants, and more.


About The CoolBot Walk-In Controller

Traditional walk-in cooler refrigeration systems can cost several thousand with installation and electrical setup. Traditional systems use a “brute-force” approach to cooling: lots of coolant (which is bad for the environment), a big motor, a large surface area, and multiple fans (which can account for up to 60% of the cost of operating electricity).

The CoolBot’s patented technology intelligently controls your air conditioner – so you can harness its cooling power and keep temperatures in the 30s without freezing up your air conditioner.

CoolBot Product Intro