Chicken Caravan 450

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The Chicken Caravan 450 is the second to largest model holding 450 laying chickens. 

The Chicken Caravan can be surrounded by an Electric Chicken Fence to keep your chickens contained and predators out.

The Chicken Caravan 450 has a man section in the front that you can go and collect your eggs from the conveyor belt, out of the elements and away from chickens. There is a shelf above the conveyor belt to place spare egg trays and full trays of eggs.

Our customers say that one Chicken Caravan saves them about seven hours a week of work, compared to conventional nesting boxes with straw and sawdust that you have to collect eggs 2-4 times a day, with a large amount of eggs needing cleaning.

-House laying hens.

-Rollaway nesting boxes.

-Conveyor belt for egg collection

-Six pull out shade/shelter doors on lockable gas struts.

-Constructed with Galvanised Steel.

-2.5 metres wide, 8 metres long.

-Auto Open/Close nesting boxes powered by solar.

-Adjustable leveling on nesting boxes (for slopes and uneven ground).

-The Chicken Caravan 450 DOES NOT come with a water system and drinkers.

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