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The CoolBot Pro is a revolutionary product that allows small business, farmers, florists, brewers, wine lovers, restaurants, food stores and more to access walk-in refrigeration at a fraction of the price of traditional commercial refrigeration units. 
Trusted CoolBot technology now with WiFi connectivity and mobile app!

The patented technology replaces the brute force approach of fans and surface area with a micro-controller "brain" that intelligently interfaces with your air conditioner - controlling and co-ordinating its output without re-wiring and without freeze-ups.
This is a controller only and does require an air-conditioning unit to operate. Please see the technical info sheet for more information.
The CoolBot works with your air conditioner to turn any well-insulated room into cool storage. The CoolBot Controller is easy to install on a digital air conditioner to reduce the room's temperature.
The temperature can drop as low as 1 degrees celsius in less than 6 hours. For a room to qualify as well-insulated, it must have at least R25 insulation in all four walls, the ceiling and the floor. This type of storage is recommended for farmers, florists, restaurants, and more.
More Info:
  • Allows a standard window air conditioner to cool a room to 1 degree celsius!
  • Trusted CoolBot technology now with WiFi connectivity and mobile app
  • Allows a standard window air conditioner to cool a room to 34F
  • Interactive refrigeration for: Restaurants, Agriculture, Floral, Dairy, Hunting, Brewing & Wine
  • Mobile app: remote temperature reading and adjustments, receive critical alerts, data storage and reporting
  • CoolBot Pro and Jumper WiFi relay module included
  • Free mobile app features require WiFi
  • Dimensions: 6.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in

Check Out The Spec Sheet for The CoolBot Pro Here.


LG , DANBY, HAIER, Frigidaire and GE are some of the favorite brands for window A/C units. All A/Cs must have a digital display and automatic restart and must be of a compatible brand. For a complete list of A/C units that we have experience with (including which ones should be avoided) CoolBot Support Library has a list here: A/C Compatibility List.

You may find that in the UK, mini-splits are more available than window A/C's.   LG (except the HSV model series), Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu are some of our compatible mini-split A/C units. Here in the CoolBot Support Library section you can find the °CoolBot Mini Split Installation Guide and more information about A/Cs and compatibility with the CoolBot.  The most recent version of the A/C Compatibility List is there too.

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