Johnny's Seeds 36" Seedbed Roller

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Prepare a smooth, firm seedbed for direct seeding.

The perfect complement to precision seeders and mechanical harvesters. Heavy-duty lobster trap wire covers three independent cylindrical rollers that provide a slip differential to prevent plowing the soil when turning at the end of the row.

A ganging rod ties them together to preserve spacing for marking rows and dibbling operations. 1" trap wire mesh is spaced close enough to break up smaller clumps and dirt clods but wide enough to resist getting clogged with soil and mud.

The rollers can also be used post-seeding to press seed firmly into contact with the soil for improved germination rates; the trap wire mesh also creates a pattern of uniformly spaced mini-furrows that help retain essential moisture and resist erosion from wind, rain, and irrigation – unlike turf rollers, which create a completely smooth surface that is easily eroded.

The seedbed roller's 1" mesh and 36" circumference make dibble arrangement simple and intuitive. No special tools required; just squeeze, and they snap right in, securely gripping the coated trap wire mesh from both inside and out. Change-out for new setups is fast and easy.

May be pulled or pushed. Handle is adjustable laterally to allow operation in-row or from either footpath. A metal rack on top can accept additional weight if needed. Conceived by and developed in conjunction with Eliot Coleman.

One solid roller, 36" wide (92 cm)


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