Neversink Rebellion Wire Hoe Kit Basic

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Wire hoe head kit for the Mutineer which is sold separately here

The Rebellion Wire Hoe Kit Basic includes;

Three 2"
Two 4"
and Two 6" pacifist wire heads.
Set also includes a Carabiner for keeping them all with you in the field.
Mutineer Head and Rebellion Multi-head attachment sold separately.

Sharp - Small gauge is great if sharpness is your primary concern

Firm - is for those who are looking for a really stiff wire with the longest life.

Wire Weeders are a fast and efficient cultivating tool that is safe to use next to seedlings and in tight rows. There is a pacifist head for every situation and the mutineer enables you to carry all those heads with you into the field.

The Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe System, enables you to use one handle for all of your cultivating needs. The Mutineer hoe was developed by Conor Crickmore. You need only one handle per person and you can carry multiple heads with you into the field or garden. This is the last hoe you'll ever need.

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