Sorting Table for Apples, Pears and Nuts

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The Output 02 sorting table is for sorting apples, pears and nuts. Sort the good and bad fruits efficiently and easily.

This is a special PREORDER order item which we will deliver to you directly from Terrateck which means lead times are longer than normal. We will be in touch to sort.


It is generally used in addition to the Silver Fox 03 harvester for harvesting. The fruit, that is to be selected or not, is then refined on the sorting table. You decide which fruit will be processed or sold. The work is done using gravity which makes the fruit roll down into the transport container.

Made of aluminium and stainless steel, it can be assembled with the funnel (stainless steel) positioned directly above the storage boxes. The height of the folding legs can be adjusted individually to adapt the table to the terrain and the required incline. Gravity makes the fruit roll down into the transport container.

Depending on the size and type of fruit, slats are inserted into the table to adjust the distance and allow the leftover leaves and grass to fall as much as possible. Rotten or unwanted fruit is removed by hand. This is done with our wood or anodised aluminium slats. The wooden slats are extremely light. For flexible use, the aluminium slats are perfect in wet conditions (e.g. cider house).


Weight (kg)22
MaterialsAluminium and stainless steel
Max height (cm)110

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