Ultra 30gsm Fleece Frost Protection Fabric

Size: 3.2m x 100m
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£70.00


Thermagro Ultra Frost Protection Fleece is a new product, which at 30gsm, is nearly twice the weight of standard fleece fabric.

This makes it a stronger and more durable frost protection fabric. Stocked in varying sizes for any application.

Using frost protection fleeces with this heavier weight helps with frost protection down to temperatures of -5/6oC. 


• Strong and durable
• Protects crops from frost, hail, wind chill, birds and insects
• Very high permeability to moisture, nutrients, filtered light and air • Prevents soil surface from drying out, improving germination
• Very lightweight so will not crush delicate shoots and new growth. • Raises soil temperature
• Promotes earlier, higher quality crops, increases yield
• Can plant out young plants around 2 weeks earlier in Spring
• Helps ripen cucumbers and bush tomatoes in autumn
• Chemically inert
• UV protected so can be left uncovered

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