Paperpot Transplanter - Starter Kit

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The Paperpot Transplanter allows a single person to transplant 264 plants covering over 30 metres in just minutes. So what used to take a few hours, now takes just a few minutes.

Plus this Paperpot Transplanter starter kit comes with a drop seeder and this allows you to seed a tray of 264 plants within minutes.

Transplanting a 30 metre bed of plug plants or so.. By hand takes on average about 60 minutes, and with The Paperpot Transplanter it takes around 15 minutes.

The same applies to seeding a tray of plants because what used to take around 15 minutes by hand... Now takes about 3 minutes or so with the drop seeder.

 Everything you need to get yourself started:

  • Paperpot Transplanter PL4
  • Pair of Paperpot opening rods
  • Chain spreader frame
  • Medium drop seeder plate
  • Set of 25 nursery flat trays

We find getting starter with a new system confusing, so we have put together this paperpot transplanter kit to simplify your needs. However you will need these extra's:

Paperpot Chains, Dibbler and Solid Trays..

The links to these are below or you can simply search for the products you need in the search bar at the top of this page.

Imagine over a season you plant 24 successional beds of Beetroot, so the time breakdown by hand would be:

- 15 minutes per tray, 2 trays per succession, 24 successions = 720 minutes

- 60 minutes per bed transplanted, 24 beds succession = 1440 minutes

That is a lot of time if you are sowing and planting these manually by hand...

So with the Paperpot Transplanter Starter Kit:

- 3 minutes per tray, 2 trays per succession, 24 successions = 144 minutes

- 15 minutes per bed, 24 successions = 360 minutes.

By Hand = 36 hours, with the Paperpot Transplanter Kit = 8.4 hours.


Don't Forget..

10cm - 4 inch Paperpot Chains10cm - 4 inch Paperpot Chains
10cm - 4 inch Paperpot Chains
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£2.75
15 cm - 6 inch Paperpot Chains15 cm - 6 inch Paperpot Chains
15 cm - 6 inch Paperpot Chains
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£3.30
5cm -  2 inch  Paperpot Chains5cm -  2 inch  Paperpot Chains
5cm - 2 inch Paperpot Chains
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£2.20
Paperpot Dibbler - 12mm
Paperpot Dibbler - 12mm
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£265.00

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