250 Qlipr Trellising System Clips (Blue)

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This listing is for 250x clips for the Qlipr Trellising System (including the inner foam lining). Two of these are required per hook, therefore these will cover 125 hooks.

This is the Qlipr (Hook) Trellising System for lowering tomatoes or cucumbers without ladders, step ladders or stilts. Tomatoes are lowered from a comfortable standing position and working height is head height.

The Qlipr Trellising System makes a lower and lean (hook and wicket) system of growing tomatoes a much easier and more organised system. This allows for maximised yields from polytunnels or greenhouses whilst also keeping crop at a manageable working height.

Cleanup of the crop is also made much easier as there are only two clips to remove.

Each hook requires two clips. Available separately or purchase one of our Trellising System Kits.

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