Sprinkler Set for Future Pump SE1

Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£107.33


The SE1 Sprinkler Pack consists of Two Sprinklers and a 32m long roll of 25mm (1-inch) hose for the outlet side of the pump. The perfect sprinkler system to fit the Future Pump SE1.

When using sprinklers with your Futurepump solar pump, they should be positioned at intervals along the discharge pipe.

Product specifications:

  • Nominal bore of 25mm (1-inch)
  • Internal diameter 25mm
  • External diameter 32mm
  • Supplied in rolls of 32m
  • 32m hose roll weight 11.5kg
  • 32m hose roll dimensions as supplied 700mm x 700mm x 110mm
  • Two rotating sprinklers weighing 0.5 kg each, dimensions as supplied 720mm x 180mm x 720mm
  • Rotating sprinkler head supplied fitted to upstand pipe (54cm) with extendable pipe
  • Wetted area: 3-4m radius per sprinkler when using 2 sprinklers. Adding more sprinklers than this reduces the wetted radius per sprinkler.
  • Adding sprinklers increases the back pressure on the pump which will limiting your pump's physical lift

Note: optimal number of sprinklers and radius of water distribution are dependent on total lift and back pressure. Using fewer than the recommended minimum sprinklers will cause too much back pressure for the pump. This will cause the air vessels or hose to detach from the pump. Adding more than the recommended maximum of sprinklers will not increase the area irrigated as each sprinklers’ radius will decrease.

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