Green Tools Tech Trident (Lightweight Broadfork)

Style: Handle Only
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£7.00


The Trident is the Broadfork’s smaller fierce cousin that was designed for lighter body weight gardeners, but also for cases of heavily compacted soils. With less tines it protrudes soil easier and gets the job done in the heaviest of soils.

The Trident is a simple tool that allows the aeration of soil without disturbing the soil organisms.

It isn't as wide as the Broadfork and therefore is perfect for the gardener or allotment grower who is looking to aerate their soil without inverting it and breaking the soil food web below the surface.

Width: 34 cm
Tines: 30 cm deep laser cut tines made from abrasion resistant hardened carbon steel Hardox 450
Weight: cca 4 kg (only the metal part)
Finish: zinc coat applied by galvanization
Wooden handle: hornbeam wood, diameter: 38 mm

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