Neversink Inferno Flame Weeder

Please Select: Basic Smooth Aluminium Wheel
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Sale price (Excl.VAT)£399.00


The Inferno is a complete flame weeder with hood, dual burner torch, hose, and on/off valve.  You need only supply the Tank  and a backpack. We do highly recommend using a regulator as well with any flame weeder. Our recommended regulator is bundled above.

The Inferno has two burners for complete coverage of half a 30" bed. Just two passes and your done. Easy to move around and get in tight spaces and hoop houses. Hood is 17" wide.

Hood is all heavy duty stainless steel. Manifold is powder coated steel and shaft is stainless. It is built to last for many, many years.

Wheel is Aluminium. 

For pre-emergence flaming and stale seedbed preparation. Created by Conor Crickmore.

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