Johnny's Seeds Tilther

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Incorporate amendments and create uniform seedbeds with the brilliant Johnny Seeds Tilther.

This is the original drill-powered model and the only tool of its kind designed and endorsed by Eliot Coleman.

The lightweight Tilther works the top 2" of soil to mix in compost, amendments, and fine crop residues to create perfect tilth with minimal tillage. Allows you to quickly turn over beds for your next succession. Powered by a standard rechargeable drill.

• A trusted Johnny's customer favorite since 2005
• Designed and endorsed by Eliot Coleman (organic farmer, celebrated author, and Johnny's tool advisor for the past two decades)
• High-quality materials with lasting value
• Ideal for minimal tillage operations
• Improved soil health (leaves soil structure and beneficial microbes intact) which leads to better crop production over time
• Better weed management (only mixes the top layer of the soil to avoid bringing weed seeds to the surface to germinate)
• Great for high tunnels because it is lightweight, portable, and does not emit fumes

• Lightweight design: 22 lb.
• Made of stainless steel, aluminium, and wood
• Adjustable, oiled ash handles
• 15" wide, perfect for two passes on 30" beds

• Drill not included ( 1/2" chuck size required; we recommend an 18V or better)
• Not for initial tilling of native ground

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