One Seeders

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One Seeders have been developed to replace Seed Spoons that are no longer made. They can be used to pick up singular or difficult to separate seeds and drop them into seed trays.

They are colour coded for different sized seeds and are incredibly easy to use:

  1. Pour out seeds into the palm of your hands
  2. Choose the correct coloured One-Seeder
  3. Dip the seeder into the pile at an angle and lift out the right number of seeds
  4. Hold the seeder over the soil and turn it over to deposit the seed.

These come in a set of 6 colour coded seeders:

0.5 mm (purple), 1.0 mm (blue), 1.5 mm (green), 2.0 mm (yellow), 2.5 mm (orange) and 3.0 mm (red).

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