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The Big Daddy Extractigator Shrub and Tree Puller will remove most woody stem plants from paper thin up to 8.4cm (3.32”) in diameter. Roots-and-all. It is a specialty tool specifically designed for larger plants. The Jaws of the BIG DADDY open from a complete close to a full 8.4cm.

If you are looking for a well built tree puller or shrub puller that has durable components then the extractigator range is for you. It has a variable fulcrum link technology design, clog free jaws, a comfortable foam grip, durable components, and a ratcheting design.

If you are looking to remove unwanted trees, shrubs or to pull invasive species in your garden, woodland, farm or land then this easy to use, bigger design, tree puller is perfect.


How is The Extractigator different from competitor devices?

The answer is in the design. Competitor models are designed in an "L" shape. The pivot (or fulcrum) is a fixed distance from the plant to be removed, and requires a large amount of operator effort at the start of the removal – at an uncomfortable vertical level requiring much physical strength.

The design of the Extractigator is one which has a variable pivot distance, allowing the operator maximum force applied to the plant at the beginning of the pull (when it is needed the most) with the lowest amount of operator effort. The handle is in a position which allows the operator to use body weight as the advantage – not physical strength. As the plant is removed, the pulling distance is increased.



Width: 10cm / 4 inches
Length: 34.3cm / 13.5 inches (Jaws Closed)
Overall Height: 143cm / 56.25 inches
Weight: 8.4kg / 18.5 LBS
Footprint: 20 / 129 square cm (without BigFoot Accessory)
Jaw capacity: 0 to 8.4cm (3.23 inches)
Minimum pull ratio: 10:1 (e.g. apply 10 lbs to end of handle, and 100 lbs of pulling force is applied to plant)

Solid Steel, 7018 complete welds, 3/8" high tensile Grade 8 bolts with Nylock (self locking) nuts

Handle - High visibility safety orange tough powder coated surface.
Base Components - Black rust resistant paint

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