Standard Woven Insect Netting

Size: 2m Wide x 100m Long
Price (Excl. VAT):
Sale price (Excl.VAT)£253.00


Our standard woven insect netting (65gsm) is a strong netting that is UV stabilised. The woven mesh protects your crops from pests such as butterflies, birds, moths and much more.

The mesh size is 1.3MM X 1.3MM - 65GSM, and the rolls are available in different sizes.


  • Woven netting protects from common garden and farm pests, stopping butterflies and birds too.
  • The insect netting is a tear resistant material at 65gsm
  • Available in different widths and lengths
  • Ideal for use when combating specific pests for crops
  • Lightweight so that it can be put straight over crops
  • Lets water pass freely through the netting
  • Provides 10% shading and approx 30% windbreak
  • For either domestic or commercial use
  • Provides some protection against the weather such as cold, frost and heavy rains.

Our fine woven insect netting comes in 2m and 3.66m wide rolls.


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